Wedding Service and DJ

Swanburg Productions specializes in Wedding DJ services. Whether it is for your wedding reception, ceremony, or wedding party, Swanburg Productions can provide whatever you need for that special day. Not only will we provide the music and entertainment for your wedding, we will go above and beyond to make sure every fine detail is prepared well in advance to make your wedding day a success. Not only do you get a DJ along with your wedding package, you also get a professional Emcee. Aren't a DJ and an Emcee the same thing you ask? No. Unfortunately many DJ services available in our area lack the capability or skill to manage an event and keep the flow of the wedding and entertainment  moving at a good pace. Sure, it is easy for anyone to set up some expensive looking equipment and push play having music come out of their speakers. What you get with our service is not only professional sound and custom play lists, but an emcee who can introduce the wedding party, follow a custom wedding ceremony and reception script, keep guests moving on the dance floor, and maintain guest interest and attention keeping them "in the know" of what is coming next. We are able to provide services for events ranging from 50 – 1000 people. If your event is larger (1000+) give us a call early enough in advance so we can provide the proper equipment (sound, lighting, staff) to fill the room properly. For a quote give us a call at 404-518-2349.

Event Disc Jockey

We offer a variety of party, school, corporate, and everyday event DJ services. We offer many lighting packages and live sound set-ups to make your event day a memorable one. Call to discuss details and get a quote. 


Swanburg Productions has the resources to provide lighting for your event or concert. Whether it be small class intelligent lighting or just a simple LED PAR set-up, we are available to provide top-notch lighting schemes and lighting equipment. Call or email for a quote today.


Swanburg Productions is available to set up a small venue concert PA systems, sound boards, monitors while providing the staff to run the system for your event. Call or email us for a quote today!


Swanburg productions is available to produce ONE or TWO camera HD video projects for your weddings or events. Call or email for a quote or Sample today.